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At Venice Nutrition, we know that one size does not fit all and that is why we offer two different ways for you to achieve your goals. You have two enrollment options:

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  • Enroll in a Consulting Program to work one on one with Joanne Lee. prices >>

Step-By-Step Description of Consulting Package

Our consulting programs are a "hands on" approach to helping you achieve your goals and are ideal for those who prefer working with a professional for personal support, motivation and coaching. All sessions are arranged around your lifestyle and schedule. Work one on one with Joanne Lee from the convenience of your telephone or in person. Each package includes the benefits of a complimentary online membership. Once you've ordered a consulting package, your nutrition coach will contact you within 1 business day to schedule your first appointment.

  1. Nutrition & Fitness Assessment approximately 30 minutes
    The purpose of the Assessment is to get to know you on a personal level and better understand your goals and lifestyle.
    • Your Coach will discuss with you in detail your goals and your commitment towards reaching those goals, past and current dietary and exercise habits, lifestyle and supplementation.
    • Your Coach will educate you on what adjustments will be best to assist you in achieving all of your goals.
    • Your Coach will introduce you to the program, explain the science of blood sugar stabilization, the best exercise movements and most important, how to center the program on your goals and lifestyle.
    • Your Coach will register you on the program and you will then fill out a detailed online questionnaire so your plan can be created.
  2. Program Presentation approximately 30 minutes
    Begin your customized nutrition and fitness program!
    • Your Coach will present your customized program. Your coach will discuss with you in detail your sleep, nutrition, exercise, supplementation and water recommendations. Together you will set up a ‘game plan’ to easily implement your health structure into your lifestyle.
    • Your Coach will present the Three Phase Guide to achieving your goals. This is a process that will teach you how to pace yourself, set realistic goals, and work the program permanently into your lifestyle.
    • Your Coach will present the Member Handbook and 15 Tips for Success, the handbook and tips for success will enhance your education about your body and how to best make it work for you.
    • With your membership to Venice Nutrition, you will be taught how to use all the features of the software, a few being: Editing Meals, FAQ Section, Member Forum, Online Tutorial, Interactive Journal, and much more. (Please note that your Nutrition Consulting package includes a free online membership for the length of your program. Monthly and yearly memberships are available if you choose to continue using the online system after your program)
    • You also have full email and phone support with your Nutrition Coach throughout the remainder of your program.

    Speak with your personal coach approximately every 2 weeks for follow up sessions

  3. All Follow Up Sessions approximately 30 minutes
    Each follow up session is custom tailored to you, depending on your unique goals and progress thus far. Any necessary adjustments to your program will be made to help you implement your health structure seamlessly into your lifestyle.
    • Your Coach will teach you how to create your own customized meal plans based on your nutritional parameters - let the creativity begin!
    • Your Coach will guide you on how to incorporate your new health structure to fit your lifestyle (you will work together on recipe modification, cooking for a family, dining out at your favorite restaurants how to eat correctly while traveling, at work, and much more!)
    • As your metabolism increases (and it will!) and your new body begins to take shape, your coach will teach you how to make adjustments to your nutrition (Quality of Food) and fitness plan (Exercise Diversity and Fiber Training) so that you continue to progress, avoid plateaus and take your results to the next level!
    • Together you will set new goals for you to achieve, and find solutions to any challenges you may be experiencing.
    • Your coach will continue to motivate you, support you and guide you to reach your goals with complete phone and email support in between your follow up visits.

    Every 2 weeks throughout the remainder of the program you will speak with your personal coach for a follow up session

Enjoy complete email and phone support throughout your entire program.
Your commitment to Venice Nutrition is an investment that will last a lifetime!

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