What is Venice Nutrition?

Venice Nutrition is a science based program that focuses on keeping blood sugar stable. We teach a three step process to educate individuals on how to work nutrition, fitness, and overall health permanently into their lifestyle. The program is centered on personal lifestyle, food choices, and health goals. We offer two types of memberships, the online program or our one-on-one consulting program. Both membership options come with all contents of this page. online membership pricing >>

A Lasting Education

We will teach you how your body really works so you can learn to make it work for you. This knowledge will allow you to eat right, exercise efficiently and make better choices. You will be able to carry this education with you for the rest of your life. You will be in control of your health.

What Makes Venice Nutrition Unique?

Real life Tools for Success

From your customized meal and exercise plans to your interactive journal, to the comprehensive recipe database with unlimited meal options, you'll have the most effective tools at your fingertips to make your goals a reality.

What Tools Come With My Customized Program?

The Support You Need

Member support is essential when starting any program and that is why we pride ourselves on the skill level of our support team. Our support team is comprised of our expert coaches, our Medical Board, and VN creator Mark Macdonald.

What Kind of Support Will I Receive?

How is Venice Nutrition Unique?

We know that there are countless diet and nutrition programs to choose from. What sets Venice Nutrition apart from the rest is our scientific approach based on Blood Sugar Stabilization and our focus on improving your overall Health and Lifestyle. We put a strong emphasis on Education because we know this is the key to long term success.

Venice Nutrition Is based on the science of blood sugar stabilization.

We’ll teach you how to stabilize your blood sugar levels. By eating the right amount of calories each meal, eating them at correct intervals, and making sure that the proper ratios of carbohydrates, protein, and fat are maintained, you will create a healthy living environment – you will stabilize your blood sugar. Once your blood sugar is stabilized, your body will naturally start breaking down fat on a consistent basis. By incorporating exercise into your plan, you will then be able to build lean muscle mass because you will have created the proper environment within which to do so. Additionally, stable blood sugar is what is responsible for eliminating sugar cravings, increasing energy, increasing focus, and reducing fatigue. Our science based program is backed by the International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching >>

Eliminates the Yo Yo Effect

Many other programs are based on "quick fix" methods such as calorie restriction or cutting whole food groups such as carbohydrates. These “quick fixes” cause a "yo-yo" effect. You lose weight and then gain it back the moment you fall of course. Methods like this leave you feeling hungry and actually cause you to lose lean muscle mass, which drastically slows your metabolism. Unfortunately, when you gain the weight back, you don't regain muscle mass just body fat in its place. When people do these types of programs they typically repeat the process over and over with each attempt, resulting in the laying down of more and more bodyfat. By maintaining stable blood sugar levels you will lose weight and keep it off permanently because your body will be in a balanced state. This balanced state is known as Homeostasis.

Teaches you how to stay the course

Most programs focus on initial results and fail to teach how to stay on track permanently. We will provide you with the motivation and education to implement your program indefinitely. We also provide the tools to get right back on track if you do fall off course.

Focuses on improving your whole lifestyle

Most programs only teach you how to eat according to their rules and neglect other important aspects of your health. Venice Nutrition will teach you how to eat well to best fit your needs, how to exercise correctly, how to improve your sleep and stress levels, and how to work your program into your current lifestyle. You'll learn how to balance your health with all other aspects of your life including your profession, relationships and lifestyle.

Knows you are an individual with unique needs and goals

While most programs have the same "game plan" for everyone, Venice Nutrition knows you are an individual with your own unique goals, lifestyle, health challenges and food preferences. Our member's goals vary from person to person. Some of our members want to lose weight and body fat while others like professional athletes may want to build lean muscle and enhance performance. While blood sugar stabilization is the basis for everyone's program, each plan is created specifically for you based on your specific nutritional parameters, your current lifestyle and the goals you want to achieve.

Our Approach:

Have you ever heard yourself say, "I know what I'm supposed to do with my health, I'm just not doing it." Or maybe you're overwhelmed by the amount of misinformation out there and have struggled with too many "diets" to count. Venice Nutrition aims to help each of our members to succeed through Education & Consistency.

Know your "Why"

Your "Why" is our reason for making your health a priority. It is the driving force that motivates you and will determine your level of Consistency. Your "Why" must be strong enough to keep your goals in focus and keep you on track as you move through the stressful moments. With Venice Nutrition, you'll discover your "Why". You will be able to recognize any challenges you are facing and most importantly, you'll have the tools to overcome them.

Build Your Health Structure

Diets fail people because they do not provide a game plan for long term success. The key to long term success is to build both a foundation to work from as well as a game plan to maintain success for the rest of your life. There are 6 main components to your Health Structure: Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Supplementation, Water Intake and Stress Management. Each individual’s Health Structure will vary because it is determined by their unique lifestyle. Venice Nutrition will educate you on these 6 components and provide you with a game plan that works for you. Your health structure is the blueprint for your success!

Balance Your "Quadrant"

It's time to make room for health in your life. Each of us lives a busy life and too often we decide to "go for it" and try getting healthy without making a plan or creating space in our life. It's easy to crash if you start with a life that is already 100% full and add a nutrition and exercise program on top of it. The key is to adjust some other parts of your life in order to open up the space your health can occupy. Venice Nutrition will teach you how. Our members are always amazed to find that by creating balance in their Quadrants they enhance every aspect of their lives - even their profession and personal relationships.

Tools That Come With the Program:

Your Personalized Health Structure:

Your personalized Health Structure is your "game plan" for success. This includes customized meal and exercise plans, recommended sleep schedule to maximize results, supplement recommendations, water intake parameters and stress management tools. You'll learn exactly what you need to reach your goals and how to incorporate each aspect of the health structure into your lifestyle.

Getting Started Guide

We understand that starting up any program can feel overwhelming. This is exactly the reason why we created our Getting Started Guide. The guide will give you a clear starting point to work from and will guide you as you progress through each health phase at a pace you’re comfortable with.

3 Phase Guide to Your Program

There are three phases to learning how to work nutrition and fitness permanently into your lifestyle:

Phase 1- Building your health structure

Phase 2- Mastering your health structure

Phase 3- Maintaining your health structure

With these three phases, you'll learn important skills like how to "keep it simple", how to set realistic goals, when to diversify your cardio routine, and even when you’re ready to move from one phase to the next. As you master each phase, you can check it off your list, and our software will remember it’s been crossed out the next time you log in. This guide has been invaluable to our members and will be an excellent tool for your success.

Goal Setting Section

To achieve permanent results you need to two main components:

1. A Game Plan (Your Personalized Health Structure)

2. A Clear Vision of where you are going (Your Goals)

Now with a Venice Nutrition Membership you get both! We have Launched the First Ever Web-Based Interactive Online Goal Setting Tool designed for all Levels of Health and Goal Types.

The Features Are:

  • Customized Goal Section centered around you
  • Interactive Charts and Graphs to track your progress
  • Ability to continue updating and adjusting your goals
  • Works for All Goal Types:
    • Lose Weight/Body Fat, Tone Up
    • Gain Weight/Strength, Increase LBM
    • High Performance
    • Maintain Weight

Customized Meal Plans

Your customized meal plans are based on your goals, lifestyle, current health, level of exercise and your food preferences. We’ll never ask you to cut calories or cut out whole food groups, or to "diet" in any way. Instead we’ll teach you how to eat frequent, balanced meals throughout the day to stabilize your blood sugar and help you to lose weight, increase your metabolism, build lean muscle and increase your energy. Each meal on your customized plan will match your customized Health Structure so there's no guess work. Just choose a delicious meal on your plan and enjoy!

Over 1000 Meal Options

With endless meal choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even dessert, you'll have new and exciting meals everyday. With our extensive food database you will have the ability to quickly exchange food items within a meal and create new meals. The software does all the work for you. You’ll never need to count calories, do math, or try to figure out your own ratios. We make it easy!

Creative and Healthy Recipe Database

Our Recipe Collection was created by Venice Nutrition’s Head Chef, who is also a Certified Master Coach. In addition to being tasty and delicious, each recipe is healthy and balanced as well. These simple-to-make recipes work great for both singles and families. Our recipe database is updated on a biweekly basis so you will never get bored with your recipe choices.

Personalized Exercise Plan

The goal at Venice Nutrition is to teach you how to maximize your workout routine for faster results in less time. Your personalized exercise plan is centered on your lifestyle and includes:

  • Recommendations on exercise frequency and duration to achieve your goals
  • Your personal Target Heart Rate for faster fat burning results
  • Detailed instructions on how to efficiently perform Red Fiber ("fat burning") and White Fiber ("sugar burning") cardiovascular exercise to avoid fitness plateaus and maximize each workout
  • Correct exercise technique and protocol to prevent injury and increase results
  • Recommendations for an optimal exercise schedule including cardiovascular training, core/resistance training and stretching

Interactive Journal

Your interactive journal is a fast and easy way to keep track of your meals, exercise routines and your changes in body fat and weight. Whether you choose to "journal" for a few weeks or journal indefinitely, it's an effective learning tool and great source of motivation. Journaling will help keep you in tune with your body. It is a great way for you to become self aware of what works for you and help you address any challenges you may have. You’ll get faster and better results.

Custom Foods Database

Venice Nutrition's database has thousands of food options, and the ability for you to add your own custom foods. Using our software tools, you can easily add your favorite foods and brand names for even more options in your meal choices and recipes. Once added, new foods immediately become part of the rest of the food database so you can easily incorporate them into existing meals or new meals.

Customized Grocery List

Your customized grocery list will automatically update as you change and edit your meals. Simply print it out and take it with you for easy shopping and planning.

The Support You Need

Comprehensive Online Member Handbook

Written by Venice Nutrition’s creator and CEO, Mark Macdonald

Your online member handbook is an excellent source of information. With it, you'll learn about physiology of the human body, blood sugar stabilization, why "dieting" and just "counting calories" are not permanent solutions to reach optimal health and so much more. You'll also learn how to optimize each aspect of your health structure for fast and permanent results.

Nutrition Support from our Team of Experts

At Venice Nutrition, we pride ourselves on the level of support and commitment we provide our members. Our Certified Venice Nutrition Coaches are here for you. If you have a question, just ask. We're happy to help! Your customized program comes with your own personal email coach for constant support.

additional consulting programs are available >>

Monthly Coaching Webinar Series

Led by Mark Macdonald, Creator and CEO of Venice Nutrition

The key in Making your Health a Priority is by becoming educated on how your body works and how to make it work for you. This is why Venice Nutrition’s Mission is To Educate individuals on how to work Nutrition, Fitness and Overall Health Permanently into their Lifestyle.

We are continually listening to your Valuable Feedback and the one thing requested most is for us to provide more cutting edge educational and motivational tools. We understand that even with the power of the Internet it is still difficult to find health information that is relevant, backed by science, understood, and can be implemented into your lifestyle. There is a thirst for this knowledge and we are committed to providing you with this Health Education.

For this reason, we've introduced a Monthly Coaching Webinar Series for Venice Nutrition Members where we will make sure you're on the cutting edge with regards to your nutrition and exercise education.

Access to Mark Macdonald's Corner

Mark is the creator and CEO of Venice Nutrition. He has dedicated his life to helping others improve their quality of life through nutrition, exercise, and overall health. In this section of your program you’ll learn how Venice Nutrition was created, read his ongoing series of motivational and inspirational messages, and have access to his cutting edge articles on nutrition, exercise technique, goal setting and much more.

E-Newsletters and Member Articles

Receive monthly E-Newsletters and special articles from our entire team. The team includes Mark Macdonald - creator of Venice Nutrition, members of our Medical Board, as well as other members of the Venice Nutrition Team. Each newsletter contains inspirational messages, "real life" nutrition and fitness tips as well as culinary secrets and supplement advice from the top experts in the industry.

Health + Fitness Blog

We created our blog to provide you with continually updated entries on all topics regarding Health. You will find articles on nutrition, exercise, losing bodyfat and baby-weight, increasing lean muscle mass, increasing endurance, improving your lifestyle, working exercise into your schedule, skin care, avoiding illness, eliminating fatigue, stretching techniques and more. There are too many topics to list here, and they’re all designed to help you improve your overall health and quality of life.

National Member Forum

The member forum is where you can go 24 hours a day to communicate with our Certified Venice Nutrition coaches and other members like yourself nationwide. Our coaches visit the forum daily to assist by giving professional advice on many different health topics. At the Forum, you can ask questions and share answers or reach out for tips for success and inspiration!

FAQs and Q&A section

We know you have questions and that’s why we offer a comprehensive FAQ section as well as a continually updated Q & A section. Here you will find questions such as “How Can I Eat Out at Restaurants While On My Program?", “How Can I Have Alcohol While Remaining on the Program?”, “How Do I Create New Meal Plans?”, “How Can I Teach My Family to Improve Their Nutrition?”, etc. If you have a question and don’t see the answer, simply email your nutrition coach and we’ll get back to you with one promptly.

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Your Goals. Your Lifestyle. Your Choice.

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